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We are here exclusively for natural hair care. Highly textured, natural, afro, kinky, nappy, coily, twisted, locked up African-American hair.

No gimmicks. We don’t sell products, we review them. Our goal is to give you all the info and support you need to get you on the road to natural and keep you there as long as you like. We know how to work with natural hair, and we can help you learn too.

Every thing you need for natural hair care is right here on

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  • scissors sml A regular little trim to keep your ends healthy is a good thing. But never use craft scissors or blunt scissors to trim your ends. Buy specific haircutting scissors from the beauty supply store and use them only to trim your hair. Trimming hair with other types of scissors can badly damage your ends, leading to split ends and no length retention.


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  • dee2Revitalize those week-old twists! Use a water-based light sheen spray or water based gel and mist your entire head. Using your fingers, wind each twist around your thumb and index finger, smoothing it as you go all the way to the ends. Place a satin scarf lightly around your hair for 10 minutes, then remove, fluff yout twists and go!

  • iconadA convenient way to wash your twists or budding locs without them uravelling is to place pantyhose over your hair before you wash them. Wash in the shower, not the sink and gently squeeze the shampoo and conditioner through the pantyhose into your hair. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze dry before removing the pantyhose. You can leave your ends out if you wish and retwist them wet with a little gel for extra hold.

  • pufficonTo create a shiny smooth crown when wearing a puff - dampen your crown thoroughly and brush through to create your puff. Place a little aloe oil on your damp crown and tie a satin scarf around your crown snugly. Remove the scarf after 10 minutes and you will have a smooth, very shiny crown of hair.

  • aliciabraidsGot braid itch? Soak a cotton ball in Seabreeze and dab your scalp, then follow up with a light grapeseed or jojoba oil spritz with lavender EO to bring the moisture back that the Seabreeze will remove. Wrap your head in a satin scarf for a little while to let it do its work and your head will stop itching. Severe itching may be from too tight braids or an allergic reaction!

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